always one foot on the ground.

"Love makes the world go round: Love is the principle force behind human life. In medieval theology, it was held that love literally set the universe in motion."

--- from The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy


I am currently contemplating. . .
+ love v. adoration
+ devotion v. decorum
+ impulse v. propriety
+ romanticism v. realism
+ sense v. sentimentality

And coming to little conclusion.

What is your life philosophy? Is life too short to collect regrets or is life too short to make mistakes?

P.S. - An update for inquiring minds. I chose impulse, in my own small way. It will look discrete & nonchalant, I think, to anyone else. But in my heart it was fueled by the most ardent devotion.


plaid shirts & pretty harmonies.

I am instantly enamored with these teenage sisters from Sweden who go by First Aid Kit.

Listen & fall in love.


this week's style icons in black & white:

1. Natalie Wood.

2. Emily Post.

3. Anne Sexton.

4. Alice in Wonderland.

5. Charlotte Gainsbourg