always one foot on the ground.

"Love makes the world go round: Love is the principle force behind human life. In medieval theology, it was held that love literally set the universe in motion."

--- from The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy


I am currently contemplating. . .
+ love v. adoration
+ devotion v. decorum
+ impulse v. propriety
+ romanticism v. realism
+ sense v. sentimentality

And coming to little conclusion.

What is your life philosophy? Is life too short to collect regrets or is life too short to make mistakes?

P.S. - An update for inquiring minds. I chose impulse, in my own small way. It will look discrete & nonchalant, I think, to anyone else. But in my heart it was fueled by the most ardent devotion.


Anonymous said...

Life is too short to collect regrets.
Give me adoration, devotion, impulse, romanticism, and sentimentality....or give me death.

I rather live life fast and full than uphold social standards and decorum.

live life.
I doubt God gave us it to sit on the sidelines and be contained within social order.
live life!


Chelsea A said...

"I do not regret the things I've done, only those I did not do."
-Lucas from Empire Records.

I concur.