mad world.

My love for Mad Men is well-documented on this blog, but allow me to rave a little more. The cast appears on the cover of Rolling Stone this week and the article is accompanied by a fantastic set of behind-the-scenes shots. I think they're even better than this season's promotional stills. And I'm more in love with Jon Hamm than ever.

So hot.


not this one, jim.

I finally watched Jules et Jim last night. A classic - iconic, I think - so I can't believe I hadn't seen it before. I loved the use of newsreels, stock footage, and the at times almost frantic pace. I loved Catherine's pouting lips and sudden coldness. I also, unsurprisingly, loved the costume design, and think I will be channeling it into my own look this fall.

Jim: I understand
Catherine: I don't want to be understood.

[Jeanne Morceau singing Le Tourbillion.]


sun, sky, & sandals.

Usually I am exhausted by the time August rolls around, but this year I feel as though I am just getting started. I feel active & energetic & full of possibilities. This week has been particularly lovely. Here are a few reasons why:

+ morning yoga classes on the National Mall
+ boating on the Potomac in perfect weather
+ bars that play 80s music and my friends, who will dance even if no one else is
+ the stranger Saturday night who stopped to take my hand & call me gorgeous
+ french vanilla ice cream with fresh peaches
+ savoring an iced coffee by the fountain in Columbia Heights
+ finding a wonderful new church and immediately feeling welcomed
+ politics, politics, & more politics
+ a possible trip to London & France in December

So much to do. So little time.