the resurgence of the gentleman.

Oh, Mad Men, you are truly the gift that keeps on giving. As if your booze-fueled, interoffice romps weren't enough, you are changing the landscape of America's previously barren wardrobe. Thank you for nudging 20-somethings firmly in the direction of all things dapper, sartorial, and well-groomed. I am so terribly grateful.

The latest illustration of Don Draper's far-reaching, womanizing arm can be found in the New York Times. The Fashion section has a piece this week on the generational gap between tie-shirking baby boomers and today's tailored youth. I'm smitten with the slide show accompanying the article. No ugly sweater parties here!

“There’s a sense that this return to style, or to a consciousness of how you look, is an attempt by young men to recover a set of values that were at one point very much present in American society and then lost."

By all means, gentlemen. Find them again!

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