the resurgence of the gentleman.

Oh, Mad Men, you are truly the gift that keeps on giving. As if your booze-fueled, interoffice romps weren't enough, you are changing the landscape of America's previously barren wardrobe. Thank you for nudging 20-somethings firmly in the direction of all things dapper, sartorial, and well-groomed. I am so terribly grateful.

The latest illustration of Don Draper's far-reaching, womanizing arm can be found in the New York Times. The Fashion section has a piece this week on the generational gap between tie-shirking baby boomers and today's tailored youth. I'm smitten with the slide show accompanying the article. No ugly sweater parties here!

“There’s a sense that this return to style, or to a consciousness of how you look, is an attempt by young men to recover a set of values that were at one point very much present in American society and then lost."

By all means, gentlemen. Find them again!


the washington ballet.

The Washington Ballet has published a beautiful new book, Wonderland, to commemorate 10 years with Artistic Direct Septime Webre and to raise funds after recent budget cuts from the city.

I've been itching to see Webre's Washington-specific re-envisioning of the Nutcracker, which will return to The Warner Theater this year, but these images make me want to rush out for season tickets. They're absolutely charming.