kodachrome. they give us those nice bright colors.

Today, I spent my lunch break with some coworkers at the National Geographic Museum for their exhibit "Kodachrome Culture: The American Tourist in Europe." I am in love with the 1950s at the moment, and this did not help. Ice cream colored cars on German highways. Cheerful old gossips in Belgian shops. French beaches, Italian cafes, & Spanish bullfighting. Irish farms, English pubs, & Dutch florists. And all of it is red & yellow & green & the brightest of blues. Oh, Kodachrome, you magic, by-gone thing!

Let's move. Let's just move to this place - Etretat, France, 1959 - and spend the rest of our lives in tan skin & butter-yellow swimsuits. It'll be perfect.

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Stephanie said...

I come to your blog when my attitude needs to slip into something a little more comfortable... (and beautiful and elegant and classic). It never disappoints. Thanks Webster darling. <3, Merriam.